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Etlaq spaceport is a project which the national aerospace services company (NASCOM) began in 2022 in the Sultanate of Oman. The concept of Etlaq was created in order to efficiently capitalize on the unique latitude and down range clearance of Wilayat Al Duqm.​

NASCOM was established during the infancy of the space sector in Oman and it continues to work closely with the industry's national stakeholders and regulators. The company's main focus is to drive national capacity building within scientific research and promote global partnerships in Oman's space sector. ​

The main purpose of Etlaq is to be an integrated space launch complex offering a comprehensive range of on-site facilities including multiple launch complexes to accommodate micro to large launch vehicles. Etlaq's attractive trajectory offerings cater to established and emerging global launch companies looking to enter a number of orbits. 

Etlaq equatorial inclination
Oman map
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Etlaq = اطلاق


Meaning: Launch in Arabic

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